Our Product Range

We supplied different kind of aquaculture products and equipments
and total aquaculture solutions for the exact needs of aquaculture industry.


Auto Feeder

The Auto Feeder is a shrimp feeding device operating using electric motor. Establish quality and convenient working condition.


Paddlewheel Aerator

Strong water current & high oxygenation performance. Easy maintenance and energy saving.


Wave Maker

The Wave Maker promoting water exchange for upper water and bottom water, it is propitious to the deep water aeration.

Polyethylene Sheets (PE Film)

Polyethylene sheets are first & foremost both highly impervious & chemically inert & environmentally safe solutions for the exact needs of aquaculture industry.



Assist in water quality management.

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Submersible Pump

Lifting of well water and underground water, aqua farm, agriculture irrigation, hydraulic engineering and drainage of subway..etc

Paddlewheel Parts

Impellers helps improve pond water circulation & best oxygen transfer rate.

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Various of quality hardware products for your industry needs.

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Major Electrical and Electronic Components.

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Biological and Chemical Products

Azomite is a natural feed additive and pond water supplement to improve liveability and growth parameters under stress.

Plastic Welding Equipments

High quality Liester plastic welding equipments.

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